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Charter Fleet Management Software

Simplify your systems with high-tech tour service and charter software by calling Motorcoach Manager, Inc. in Sacramento, California. Our systems management programming was created by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the charter, tour, and shuttle industry, and addresses the real-world issues you face every day.

Charter Manager

Motorcoach charter and tour companies get complete, integrated software solutions for managing charters, tours, maintenance and shuttles when they deal with us. Our unique Charter Management Module gives you a systemized process for handling all aspects of a charter order, from the initial customer call to reconciliation of finances, driver payroll calculations, IFTA mileage, and fuel reporting.

Its visual tools enable you to maximize profits by improving fleet and driver utilization. Scheduling and dispatching is a breeze, whether a trip order calls for one or more coaches or drivers at different dates and times, and the included templates provide ease of duplication for repeat itineraries.

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• Simplifies all phases of booking & managing trips of all kinds
• Increases efficient utilization of drivers & coaches
• Tracks availability of coaches & drivers
• Schedules trips for easy access by all your staff
• Dispatches Coaches & Drivers
• Displays Bar Graphs to Track Coach & Driver Utilization
• Prepares Quotes, Invoices, Contracts, Driver Orders, & CCOs

• Send FAX & Email Reports Directly to Your Customer
• Stores Data for Management Reports
• Produces Mileage, Revenue, & Receivables Reports
• Sorts by Alternate Methods
• Allows Users to Define Their Own Dropdown Menu Choices
• Monitors Coach & Driver DOT Compliance
• Manages All Aspects of Charters, Scheduling, & Dispatching

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