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Improve your efficiency and record-keeping with maintenance management software from Motorcoach Manager, Inc.


Maintenance Manager

Our maintenance module complements our charter module by keeping a history of equipment maintenance. It tracks scheduled preventive maintenance, and provides a single file for entering necessary work for each piece of equipment. Its functionality includes "To Do" items (DVIRs) from driver observation and reporting, produces work orders for mechanics, and organizes the labor and parts. Parts are tracked from the purchase order to the use on a vehicle, and a parts inventory is maintained. The software can be used to invoice maintenance work done for outside companies, and is is suitable for use in-house or in stand-alone repair shops.

• Monitors Coach DOT Requirements
• Prepares Work Orders
• Invoices Outside Customers
• Sends FAX & Email Directly to Customers
• Stores Data for Management Reports
• Sorts by Alternate Methods

• Simplifies All Phases of Maintenance Management
• Allows Users to Define Their Own Dropdown Menu Choices
• Prints Work Orders, Purchase Orders, Financial Reports, & Histories
• Tracks Inspections, Parts Ordered & Used, Taxes on Parts, & Warranties
• Organizes Upcoming Repairs, Preventive Maintenance,
   & Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports


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