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Shuttle Manager

Suitable for airport, casino, or commuter shuttles, our shuttle module is a ticket reservation system for scheduled shuttle runs. It can be used with companies who are running shuttles with reservations and one or more tickets. Daily shuttles can be pre-entered in batches several months ahead, and passengers can quickly be booked onto the correct shuttle. Round-trip tickets may be issued, and relevant reports such as boarding lists, pickup lists, and passenger counts are produced. Our shuttle software does it all, including:

• Simplifies All Phases of Shuttle Management
• Enters Scheduled Shuttles Using a Template System
• Uses Easy One-Screen Reservation Form
• Assigns Shuttle from a List of Shuttles Available That Day
• Tracks Passenger Counts & Available Seats
• Prints Driver Manifests, Tickets, Financial Reports & More

• Send FAX & Email Directly.
• Stores Data for Management Reports
• Sorts by Alternate Methods
• Allows Users to Define Their Own Dropdown Menu Choices
• Displays Manifests to Reconcile Shuttle Runs
• Manages All Aspects of Scheduled Airport Shuttle Runs